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Keywords: iMAX B6 Intelligent Digital Li-polymer Balance Charger B6
iMAX B6 Intelligent Digital Li-polymer Balance Charger B6
iMAX B6 Intelligent Digital Li-polymer Balance Charger B6 iMAX B6 Intelligent Digital Li-polymer Balance Charger B6 iMAX B6 Intelligent Digital Li-polymer Balance Charger B6
iMAX B6 Intelligent Digital Li-polymer Balance Charger B6
weight: 200G
Brand: Imax charge
Part No : BC010
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This iMax B6 is a rapid charger with a high performance microprocessor and specialized operating
SoftwareOptimized operating software
iMax B6  features an AUTO function that controls the charge rate during charging and discharging. For Lithium batteries, this can prevent overcharging which may lead to an explosion due to the user's setting the charge rate improperly. It will disconnect the circuit automatically and initiate an alarm if there is any malfunction. All the operating modes of this charger are controlled through two way communication, between the charger and the battery to achieve maximum safety. All the settings can be configured by the user.
Internal independent lithium battery balancer
iMax B6  employs an individual-cell-voltage balancer. It is not necessary to connect an external balancer for balance charging.
Balancing individual cells battery discharging
During the process of discharging, the eXtreme 605  can monitor and balance each cell of the battery individually. An error message will be indicated and the process will be ended automatically if the voltage of any single one cell is abnormal.
Adaptable to various types of lithium battery
iMax B6 is adaptable to various types of Lithium batteries, such as Li-ion, LiPo and the new LiFe series of batteries.
"Fast" and "storage" mode of lithium battery
There are various methods of charging Lithium batteries. "Fast" charge reduces the charging time whereas "store charge" can control the final voltage of your battery. This method is best for long term storage and protects the useful life of the battery.
Maximum safety
Delta-peak sensitivity: The automatic charge termination program based on the principle of the Delta-peak voltage detection. When the battery's voltage exceeds the threshold, the process will be terminated automatically.
Automatic charging current limit:
You can set the upper limit of the charge current when charging your NiCd or NiMH batteries. This is useful for NiMH batteries of low impedance and capacity in the 'AUTO' charging mode.
Temperature threshold:
The batteries internal chemical reaction can cause the temperature of the battery to rise during charging. If the temperature limit is reached (set by the user), the charging process will be terminated. This function is available by connecting an optional temperature probe, which is not included in with the charger.
Processing time limit:
The user can set the maximum charging time. If the charging time exceeds the limit, the process will be terminated automatically when you set the maximum time for the charging mode.
Data store/load
The "" can store data from ten different batteries. The user can set the charging / discharging parameters for a particular battery type and "call up" these settings to charge a battery without additional programming needed.
Cyclic charging/discharging
Batteries can be set to charge/ discharge for 5 cycles if needed.


-Operating voltage range: DC 11-18 Volts
-Circuit power: Max. charge power 50W
-Max. discharge power 5W
-Charge current range: 0.1-5.0A
-Discharge current range: 0.1-1.0A
-Current drain for balancing Li-po: 300mA/cell
-NiCd/NiMH battery cell count: 1-15cells
-Li-ion/Fe/Polymer cell count: 1-6cells
-Pb battery voltage: 2-20V
-Net weight: 277g
-Dimension: 133x87x33mm

Package Included

-iMAX B6AC Battery Charger (with accessories & English Manual)

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