HOMERC ElectricBattery ChargersGT ChargeGT Power A6 20 AMP GTA6-20
Keywords: GT Power A6 20 AMP GTA6-20
GT Power A6 20 AMP GTA6-20
GT Power A6 20 AMP GTA6-20 GT Power A6 20 AMP GTA6-20
GT Power A6 20 AMP GTA6-20
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-Due to the improvement of the Lipo technology,now days most of the lipo batteries are able to be charged by 2C to 3C and some even go up to 6C.
-Assuming regular rc car lipo is 5000mah capacity that means 2C is 10A and 3C is 15A of the charging current. So a higher amp output charger is necessary in order ot get out hte punch form your battery as the more charge amp equals better punch.This is very important especially in stock class racing

Product Details

-Operating voltage rang:11.0-18.0V
-Circuit power:max 400Watts(charging)
-Charge current range:0.1-20.0A
-Discharge current range:0.1-5.0A
-Current drain for balancing lipo:200mAh/cell
-NiCd/Nimh battery cell count:1-18cells
-Lithium battery cell count:1-6 series
-Pb battery voltage:2-24V

Item Packing

-GT Power A6 20 AMP Charger A6-20

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